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Coach AK is a former professional athlete, corporate trainer, and the current Executive Coach Lead at Google.

Coach AK, a former professional athlete and current Executive Coach Lead at Google, shares his expertise from working with over 40,000 students, athletes, business leaders, government agencies, and community organizations to help readers reach peak performance.

Coach AK
Executive Coach, Corporate Trainer & Author of The Next Right Move


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Are you ready to level up and become the best version of yourself? The Next Right Move is a 100-day self-coaching guide designed to help you reflect, take action, and optimize your personal and professional life in 2023.

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What Readers Are Saying

I really enjoyed your book! I think that it was incredibly well-written and it gave really sound advice that people can easily take action on and incorporate into their own lives. 

It also really felt like you “knew what you were talking about” and that you were trustworthy as an offer.

Charmaine Tobey

Review on TheNextRightMoveNow

Love the way you divided the whole process of finding yourself and becoming who you really are and are meant to be into a step-by-step, day-by-day process. . 

I’ve seen a lot of book in this self-help genre that just provides a lot of information and gives some recommendations but doesn’t provide actionable steps.

Mike Sendler

Review on TheNextRightMoveNow

5/5 – the best coaching guide I have ever come across to be honest.  It was excellent work!

Seems like you’re speaking TO the reader not AT the reader.  You’re not preaching, it almost reads like a speaker series or podcast which is so Amazing!!

Delmar Byers

Review on TheNextRightMoveNow

Totally relatable in so many ways! Honestly, this is one of the best manuscripts I’ve ever read. It resonates to everyone. As a person and a professional.

Shanna Margolis

Review on TheNextRightMoveNow


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